Great Plains History of Ranching

At this time we are assembling a great team to build the new, wonderful,
Center and Educational Institute of History of Ranching on the Great Plains.
Below are a few of our team members
  • Fern Swenson
  • Chris Dorfschmidt
  • Kali Peterman
  • Dave Shetler
  • Rick Thompson
  • Jim Wosepka
  • Trisha Feiring
  • Dr. Bill Tidball
  • Rolf Sletten
  • Doug Ellison
  • Myron Freeman
  • Karen Nelson
  • DR.Chip Poland
  • Robert Schilling
  • Curt Glasso
  • Ashley Ueckert
SHSND ND State Historical Society
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Badlands Ministries Education
Construction and livestock
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Education & History
Education / Biologist
Education / Minorities
Education and Interpretation     DSU
Education  U.S Forest Service Trails
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ND    Extension Service
  • Gene W. Allen, Esq.
  • Bob Lee
  • George Wolf
  • Jim Odermann
  • Shawn Brannon
  • Kevin Holten
  • Pat Weir
  • Wally Owen
  • Kris Ringwall
  • Wendy Hart Ross
  • Jack Cook,
Media,Talking Trails
Media, North Dakota Cowboy Association
Project Development / Financial
Superintendent Theodore Roosevelt N P
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